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Nihari ( نهاری‎ ) is a stew consisting of slow-cooked beef shank along with bone marrow, garnished to taste and occasionally served with cooked brain etc.

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Bar B. Q.

Baar B. Q. (also Barbeque & BBQ) is both a cooking method and an apparatus. The generally accepted differences between barbecuing and grilling are cooking durations and the types of heat used.

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Deep frying is a cooking method in which food is submerged in hot fat e.g. oil. This is normally performed with a deep fryer or chip pan; industrially. Deep frying is classified as a dry cooking method because no water is used.

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China boasts one of the world's greatest cuisines. Chinese food is famous all over the world. Chinese cuisine has countless delicious and fantastic dishes.

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A Karahi ( کڑاہی ) is a type of thick, circular, and deep cooking-pot (similar in shape to a wok) used in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Nepalese cuisine.

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Stuffed with prosciutto & provolone, breadcrumbed & topped with a free-range egg & black summer truffle.

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Mixed seasonal flash-fried sustainable fish & shellfish served with chunky Italian tartare sauce & lemon.

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Tin Pack Nehari

Juicy prime British beef with mortadella, balsamic onions, tomato, provolone, pickles & chillies.

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