Maliks Special

Available from 04:00PM to 03:00AM daily

Special Nihari

Plain, Ghee, Desi ghee & Butter fried

Maliks have a variety in Fried Items including prawns

Fried Items

Fried fish fly

Wite variety of Bar B. Q. is here....!!

Bar B. Q.

Now Introducing Mutton Kabab

Chinese food is availeble for you...

Chinese food

Chicken Shashlik

White Karahi, Brain Masala & Rashmi Handi Boneless is available

Special Karahi

Maliks Special Mutton Karahi & Chicken Karahi

End your meal with delicious Deserts


Qulfi, Kheer & Rabri

Tin Packs are available with extra shelf life

Tin Pack Nihari

Enjoy Maliks Nihari with you in other cities or abroad

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Sunday Special

Sunday Only (not available in Ramadan)

Special Breakfast

Halwa, Puri, Paye, Nihari, Lassi & Tea

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What's new

Good news for Malik's Restaurant Lovers and the one who would like to come very first time.

Malik's Restaurant is about to OPEN for Daily LUNCH